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Compact 3D Fluorescence Imaging

Our Vision

KaleiBox was inspired by the optical toy of kaleidoscope, emphasizing its versatility, portability and beauty. Combining compact hardware and sophisticated software, KaleiBox is expected to complement the current workflow of 3D fluorescence imaging, especially in the scenario of preclinical imaging.

Market Interest

Research Labs and Biotechnological Industries

Pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries and biomedical research labs are our first customers. They are keen on this non-invasive 3D imaging with KaleiBox, because it enables them to carry out repeated studies in different animal models in new more efficient ways of research in an abundance of biomedical research topics including neurology, cardiology, and immunology and drug development. This approach saves animal lives, time and reduces the cost by a factor >10 compared to e.g. PET/MRI.

Agricultural Diagnostics

KaleiBox does not only have applications in research areas but also in the agricultural industry. There it can be used for diagnostic purposes such as localizing plant disease and the determination of fruit or vegetable ripeness.

Image-Guided Surgery

In the near future, we will explore an additional field of interest – image-guided surgery. Together with the technology of KaleiBox, surgeons and doctors will explore new ways to perform surgeries. Our technology is a new method to image cancerous tissues in three dimensions so that the preparation for intervention becomes not only more precise but also non-invasive and safer to avoid damaging surrounding healthy tissues.


We have prototyped two systems: a standalone-mode KaleiBox and a hybrid-mode KaleiBox. Both devices enable fluorescence tomography with compact hardware design and sophisticated software (STIFT). We provide user-friendly operation and robust 3D reconstruction, as well as the possibility to fuse the 3D fluorescence to computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data.

Standalone Modality

The Standalone-mode KaleiBox is extremely compact with a dimension of 40 x 40 x 20 cm3. It is a desktop/portable 3D imaging device especially suitable for small animals and small ex vivo samples. After the injection of the fluorescent dye, the animal or the object is scanned by the laser and at every step, the camera takes an image of the emitted light. The collected data of the whole process is then fed into the software which does the 3D reconstruction using light propagation modeling algorithms.

Hybrid Modality

The hybrid system includes the same technology as the standalone besides the fact that it can be used inside an MRI tube to have both imaging techniques together during the same scanning procedure. The light is transmitted via an optical fiber by a laser located outside of the system. It is very compact and can mainly be used for biomedical research institutes equipped with MRI scanners.

Software STIFT

STIFT stands for Smart Toolkit for Fluorescence Tomography and is a patented software with a user-friendly graphic user interface. It enables automatic data acquisition and robust 3D reconstruction. Furthermore, it meshes the underlying sample (e.g. mouse) for accurate modeling of near-infrared light propagation by using the finite element method (FEM). The toolkit contains everything you need from the hardware controlling part, to the data acquisition and the reconstruction.


Bridge proof-of-concept Project

BRIDGE is a joint programme conducted by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and Innosuisse - the Swiss Innovation Agency. Since August 2018, KaleiBox has been supported by BRIDGE fellowship.

Venture Kick Stage I

Venture Kick was launched in 2007 with the vision to double the number of spin-offs from Swiss universities, to accelerate their speed-to-market and to raise the attractiveness of these young companies among professional investors and industry partners.

Swiss Pavillon at Hannover Messe

The Hannover fair is one of the biggest industry fairs in Europe and takes place every year. In 2019 we had the chance to present our idea to a wide public audience. in Hannover.


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